So, you're getting old and you need to keep those fast fingers moving?

If so, order the Mongo Transmitter Mitt!!

Keep your hands warm and your transmitter dry with the Mongo Transmitter Mitt. Made with a tough nylon shell and a polar fleece lining, this mitt will allow you to laugh at bad weather. Not only does the mitt cover your hands, it completely protects your transmitter too!

No more worrying about those stray rain drops damaging your expensive radio. The mitt has a huge window built in so you can easily see your display and trim tabs. Live in a really cold area? We'll throw in a couple hand warmers! Installs easily on any transmitter and is available in black, red, blue, yellow and gray.

Price: $30.00

You may order a Mongo Transmitter Mitt by emailing Katie Kauffman at:

For best results, you should be using your 'mitt' when you are flying the Mongo or Mongo Jr. Here's some pictures of those beasts, here: Mongo Pictures.

Last Modified: July 7, 2009