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Some Press Releases

August 21, 2005 -      BASH Enterprises

Bash Enterprises is back with a vengeance!

BASH is back with the previously released All-EPP Combat Flying wings known as the Mongo and Mongo Jr.

The Mongo is a huge, 8 foot ultra-combat beast and the light lift counterpart, the famous Mongo Jr. Kits are now available for ordering from BASH Enterprises.

November, 2004 -      Dynamic Modelling

New Guide To Futaba's 8-Channel Radios

If you have a Futaba 8U, the new 8S or (FF8) system or know someone else who does, you will be interested in the following information. Visit Dynamic Modelling's web site

The Futaba 8-Channel Book is a 186-page softbound book. It is perfect-bound and shrink-wrapped for your protection.

In answer to those desiring more information on the book's contents, here is the Table of contents for the book "Getting The Most Out of Futaba's 8-Channel Radio Control Systems":

  • Chapter 1: Quick Start. Quick Step-By-Step Four-Channel Sport Model Setup
  • Chapter 2: BASIC Menu Structure Details: General things on the 8U that you ought to be aware, Setting Servo Neutrals, Hints About Splined Servo Arms, Servo Travel & "Boosting" servos, Comments on electronic & mechanical trims, Trim Functions, Transmitter "Modes", Differences Between Airplane & Heli Systems, What's The Difference Between A Super 8 and a non-Super 8, Moving Trim To The Other Side Of The Throttle/Airbrake Stick, Transmitter Warning Messages
  • Chapter 3: The 8U Housekeeping Functions: Model Memory, Naming Functions, Timer Functions, Failsafe, Saving a Copy, External Memory
  • Chapter 4: Settings To Make Flying Easier: Dual Rates, EXPO, Trainer Function
  • Chapter 5: "Advanced" Programming For Aircraft: Flaperons, Airbrakes, Elevator -< Flap Mixing, Fun-Fly Airplane, V-Tail Mixing, Elevon Mixing, Differential Ailerons & Coordinating Turns, Ailevator, Snap Roll
  • Chapter 6: Engine Functions: Throttle Cut, Throttle ATL, Idle-Down, Engine Start Function, Throttle -< Needle Valve Mixing, Throttle Delay Function
  • Chapter 7: Programmable Mixers: What are they, 16 programmable mixer examples including aileron-<rudder, twin engines, smoke, airbrakes, drop flaps with a switch, v-tails with differential, tailless models, and more.
  • Chapter 8: Helicopter Programming: Flight Modes, 5-Point Curves, Throttle Curve, Pitch Curve, Throttle Cut, Throttle Hold, Offsets, Delay Function, Hovering Throttle & Pitch, Throttle-<Needle Mixing, Inverted Function, Setting Up Pitch and Throttle Curves, Helicopter Setup Instructions, Programmable Mixing for Helicopters, Four Mixing Examples, Collective & Cyclic Pitch Mixing (CCPM), Super 8 Helicopter Features
  • Chapter 9: Sailplane Functions: Using Four Wing Servos: Aileron -< Flap Mixing & Differential, Butterfly Glide Path Control; Six Sailplane Programmable Mixing Examples, Presets for Steepest Launches & Speed, Camber Changing, Programming A Contest Sailplane, Sailplane Trimming
  • Appendix: Changing Frequency, Servo Swapping, Batteries, High-Current Wiring & Y-Connectors, Cycling batteries, Instructions For Replacing Broken Toggle Switches, Converting To The Helicopter Version/Moving 3-Position Switch To The Left Side, Problem With Broken Pins, Synthesized Frequency Gear, Use With Five-Channel Hitec Receivers, Using Hitec's 555 Receiver Without Soldering, Electrical Noise, DSC Cords, Make Your Own CamPAC.
  • Index: approximately 480 entries, by alphabet. Many are listed doubly by different name or topic to ease searching.
There's a bit more information on the web page at: http://www.dynmodel.com, as well as a secure order form so you can order on-line. There's also a special discount offer if you buy more than one book.

If you don't want the Futaba 8 guide, we do publish the "Guide to Computer Radio Control Systems", which is applicable to all kinds of programmable RC systems (including Airtronics, Futaba, JR, and Hitec), and the "Programming the Futaba Super 7 for Aircraft and Sailplanes" book which is applicable to the Super 7 as well as the newer T6XA radios. We also sell an extremely detailed comparison chart that tells which of the 80+ features and functions that the 25+ makes and models have (or don't have).

Don Edberg, Author and Publisher