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Sidewinder EPP

Close up of Sidewinder EPP combat sailplane from AGR Models

Sidewinder EPP combat sailplane Unfortunately, AGR Models is no longer around making kits, but you still might be able to find one on some hobby shop's shelf.

I've flown several different Sidewinder EPP's, including my own at Los Banos reservoir during several very intense combat sessions. It can out perform just about every combat plane available today. It has extremely forgiving flying characteristics, but is very maneuverable, flies great inverted, and does inside and outside loops equally well. The Sidewinder EPP is also one of the most durable planes I've ever seen. You can crash it into just about anything and it'll bounce back unharmed. You may think those dual fins are vulnerable to 'attack' in a combat session, well they're not.

I saw the designer of the plane, Mike Jefferson, doing repetitive inverted landings over and over at Los Banos, with not a slightest bit of problem with those fins.

Sidewinder EPP

Before I flew my Sidewinder, I found out how durable it was. Because I was impatient to get the Sidewinder flying, I decided to see if things were 'right'. I stood across the street where I live and threw the SW towards my house and landed on the lawn. Twice I got a whole roll and landed inverted on my grass lawn and once I 'crashed' into the garage door. No damage, nothing, nada.

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