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Combat Bashing

Some BASHing Hilights


These pictures were taken at Tick Hill where two of us combat geeks, both with Piper Cub combat planes, were having a 'stroll thru the air'... We flew in close proximity when sometimes, and in this case, was followed by quite the entanglement. We continued to fly, raptured, until we just ran out of hill.

Oh yes, it was quite fun! (Click the images for a bigger picture.)

"Wings of Death (kinda-sorta)"

This is a typical form of combat-bashing where two wings do their darnest to knock each other out of the sky. I'm quite happy to keep doing my favorite Roll-Turn maneuvers, over and over, wearing your adversary down until they... oops, boom, we both end up on the ground.

Yeah, that's very enjoyable experience too!